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Awesome SAT essays are easier to write than most people think.

"This book has everything you need to ace the SAT essay. It will show you how to use the essay-destroying Ace Template that nearly automates the confusing world of writing the essay, regardless of the topic. I've made this book super easy to read; it can be used by average students to immediately raise SAT scores. In addition to the template system you'll get example essays graded from zero to a perfect twelve, with explanations of the grading; all prompts from five years' of tests, sorted into easy categories to save you time; and little-known but extremely effective strategies for taking advantage of the test. The Ace Template: a simple roadmap to success. It's the best, most complete preparation available anywhere!"

John R. Parsons, Author

This is not an infomercial.

This book is not a midnight infomercial miracle, nor is it a guess at how to beat the SAT essay written by a random forty-five-year-old guy who has never taken the writing section of the SAT. My dad bought me plenty of those books; I never read any because they just didn’t seem real. This book, on the other hand, is real. I spent countless hours in SAT preparation, much of it on the essay. I developed the SAT Essay Ace Template, and used it myself on the exam. I got a perfect ace twelve score, so I know it works and will work for you!

You don't need to be an expert.

There are thousands of blogs and books that aim to teach you about the SAT essay. Much of that is outdated, duplicated, or totally unnecessary. Who has time for that? All you want to do is get on with your life. I want to share the stunning Ace Template with you so you can be confident going into the exam. In a little under four hours of practice time, this book will give you a templated roadmap approach that will guarantee an essay ace no matter what the essay subject! You can stop wasting time searching for the important nuggets (they're all here!) and get back living a life.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This information is based on my direct experience with the exam. I have boiled the essential knowledge into a template anyone can follow. That's why I'm more than happy to make this guarantee: if you follow the steps outlined in the book, I guarantee you will increase your essay score, be completely satisfied with the outcome, and possibly even cry tears of relief.*

*We don't guarantee actual tears will be shed, but you'll feel a helluva lot better.

What students will be saying about SAT Essay Ace: The Definitive Guide to a Perfect Score

What's in the book?

About the Author

I’m John Parsons. I grew up near the New Hampshire seacoast, but I currently live in a dorm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As you can guess from my collegiate situation, I’m a sort of geek. More importantly, however, I love to analyze and I love to teach. One of my biggest passions is breaking things down and figuring out how they work, which is why I spent so much time trying to come up with a formula to conquer the SAT essay. Now I can teach others how and save quite a few people quite a bit of time and angst.

I have a company called SofSolve that is responsible for publishing this book as well as a web application called GradeSolve. GradeSolve makes it fast and easy for teachers to grade their students’ work and to use analytics to tailor their future teaching to their students’ exact needs.

Looking ahead to the future, I hope to continue coming up with novel ways of saving people time and effort. Believe me: there will be more to come!


If you have anything you'd like to say to me please don't hesitate to get in touch.
My email address is

Questions and Answers

  • How can I trust you?
  • I'm real and authentic.

    That's me on the left, above.  That's my real e-mail address, too.

    I am on LinkedIn (feel free to connect with me - just mention this book in your invitation).

    We (SofSolve) have created a cool paper grading application that you might have heard of

    I'm a member of Skullhouse, the alpha mu chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity at MIT.

    I’m selling this book through Gumroad, the online payment platform for many successful eBook authors. Gumroad doesn’t work with just anybody, and I had to go through an approval process to become authorized to use their system to sell this book.

  • If this information is so valuable, why doesn't it cost more?
  • You’re kidding, right? If I sold this book for what it was worth, then I doubt I’d sell many! What is getting to your dream school worth—in lifetime income and in the experiences you’ll have? It’s hard to quantify, but it’s surely way more than the paltry price of this book..

    Of course I am open to you paying what it's really worth if you want to.

    Obviously, if you want to pay me the real value of this book, I won’t complain! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to buy a few private islands?

    That this will happen seems highly unlikely but I am totally open to it.

  • Will you really give me a refund?
  • Yes I will. I strongly believe that this information will transform your SAT essay experience and get you a great essay score.

    If you're not happy with the results, send an email within a year of purchase to with the subject line "SAT Book Refund" and I'll refund your money immediately without requiring you to provide a reason.

    After I refund your money I will ask you why you wanted a refund so I can make a better experience for other people. Did you not like the book? Was the price too high? Did you decide against using the Ace Template? You don't have to answer and I will provide you with a full refund first, and ask questions later. If you're not happy, I will be surprised and I sure would like to know why, but that won't hold up getting your money back.

  • The price seems a lot for an eBook. Why so much?
  • You can pay a tutor hundreds or thousands of dollars to give you less help than you will get from this book.

    This book is the result of many, many hours of research, practice and work. As a result, the information presented is incredibly valuable and will enable you to get a great score on the essay and boost your overall SAT score. What I am selling here is what I have learned, condensed into a simple, easy to replicate essay template system. I am letting you stand on the shoulders of all my work so you don't have to repeat it. Believe me, if I could go back to the start of my SAT adventures and pay 10 times more, I would gladly do it to save myself the time and hassle.

    I so firmly believe in the Ace Template that I am presenting in this book that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you read the book and do the exercises and don't see a value, just let me know within a year of purchase and I will cheerfully refund the cost of the book.

  • Why are you selling this book instead tutoring others using the information in this book?
  • The short answer is MIT. MIT is probably the most difficult engineering school in the world, and its workloads are notoriously, outrageously high. Here, you can have any two of grades, friends, a business, or sleep. If I added a tutoring business on top of what I’m already doing, I wouldn’t have grades, friends, or sleep! That sounds horrible! By publishing this book, I can help other people out while still finding the time to keep myself sane.

    I love hearing that the Ace Template helped get a person into his or her dream school—whatever it might happen to be. I’m not in this business for the money. I’m in it to help other people get to experience the ecstasy of being admitted to their top choice schools. Believe me, it’s a pretty incredible experience.

    Stories are awesome. Don’t be afraid to shoot me an email at if you have exciting news; I’d be honored to share in your joy!

With a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

I really hope you find this book useful. I think it's an absolute crime that the SAT essay is so difficult for so many people. Share your stories with me and let me know how it goes:

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